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So many stories to tell...

Being an avid reader growing up, I was heavily inspired by the worlds I encountered resulting in my need to be creative and craft stories. The process is certainly a challenging one (transforming the creations in my head to written word) but for starters I have released a few short stories of mine. All are short, easy reads (and free to download!) for your perusal.

I hope you have a moment to give a few of my stories a try- and that you give me the opportunity to hear your thoughts on them! 


The Blue Hole

What lies deep below the surface of a blue hole? While few have uncovered the answer firsthand many have experienced the unsettling feeling of something lurking in its depths, just beyond view. This short story follows a vacationing couple as they explore the surface of this natural oddity.


Gate Change

While traveling for his company, Brian goes through his typical airport routine while awaiting his flight. He has cleared the security checkpoint and the bars are open. What could go wrong?


Scaring Lessons

The route may be different, but the job remains the same: deliver the package to its recipient. Unfortunately for Matt, this delivery is easier said than done.

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