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From Stage to Screen

I first caught the acting bug in elementary school, where my earliest memory would be performing in the kindergarten "graduation" performances- essentially a short variety show ranging from song and dance to story reenactments. I would later continue to perform in the school Christmas pageants and continue participating in school theatrical productions throughout high school.

Over the course of my high school career I would join "The Scholarship Performers" (a community theatre group) and before leaving Rhode Island I found my first agency "LDI Casting." This began a new chapter starting with the amazing experience to act across from Fionnula Flanagan ("The Others", "Lost") in Showtime's "Brotherhood." Though the scene would not make it to television, it was an experience that had me wanting to keep an eye out for more screen opportunities in the future.

Below you will see a variety of my experiences to date, ranging from stage to screen.

Curious to know some of the in-between details? Visit my (about) section to learn more!



"Kiss Me Kate" - Pops
"The Bacchae" - Theresias
"The Music Man" - Oliver Hicks
"Dancing At Lughnasa" - Uncle Jack
"Grease" - Eugene

Television/Web Series

"black-ish" - Theme Park Guest
"La Voz Kids" - Audience (Uncredited)
"Brotherhood" - Gavin

Short Film

"Last Thursday" - Brad Reeves
"The Entity" - The Alien
"Within Reach" - Rachel's Friend

Feature Film

"Amazing Colossal Woman" - Running Man
"Nightgaze" - Club Patron/Party Guest
"Mind the Gap" - Street Walker
"The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head" - Party Guest
"Treasure" - Rave Participant
"Scarezone" - Eager Customer

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